Wedding Cake Cartridge


Wedding Cake is a medicinal strain, helping users feel relaxed and super smiley.

Perfect after a long day at work or post-workout.

  • Made from Colorado hemp extract
  • 200mg CBD with natural terpenes
  • CCELL® Ceramic Cartridge
  • Compatible with any 510 device
  • Zero nicotine, zero THC

Major Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene

Ingredients: Cannabidiol extract (200mg), natural terpenes, pharmaceutical grade and kosher PG/VG.

CBD Distillate

Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) distillate (50% CBD, 16.9% CBC, 2.7% CBG, 2.2% CBN), cannabis and fruit-derived strain specific terpenes.

CBD Concentrate

Cannabidiol (CBD) crystalline isolate, propelyne glycol, vegetable glycerine, and cannabis and fruit-derived strain specific terpenes.


1. Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids are highly sensitive to sunlight. Please do not expose to direct sunlight. Keep it in your recyclable Kite tins and safe from the elements.

2. Less is more. Please, oh please, do not exceed 200mg of CBD a day. It's totally safe to take more, but the body's saturation levels can only take 200mg. This is the reason for the limit on our CBD cartridges.

3. Create Better Days. :)


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